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Abilities arrangement

D&D 3.x - Point buy
Ability Setting Points Adjustment Score Modifier Skills Other
Str 0 8 -1 Climb, Jump, Run, Swim Load limit: light 26, medium 53, heavy 80 lb.
Dex 0 8 -1 Balance, Escape artist, Hide, Move silently, Open lock, Ride, Sleight of hand, Tumble, Use rope
Con 0 8 -1 Concentration
Int 0 8 -1 Appraise, Craft, Decipher Script, Disable Device, Forgery, Knowledge, arcana, Knowledge, architecture and engineering, Knowledge, dungeoneering, Knowledge, geography, Knowledge, history, Knowledge, local, Knowledge, nature, Knowledge, nobility and royalty, Knowledge, religion, Knowledge, the planes, Martial lore, Profession, Search, Speak Language, Spellcraft
Wis 0 8 -1 Heal, Listen, Sense motive, Spot, Survival
Cha 0 8 -1 Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, Gather information, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Perform, Use magic device

To store adjustments, set them in querystring parameters, for example: http://www.dungeonpbem.net/Guest/AbilityArrange.aspx?StrAdjust=1&ConAdjust=1&IntAdjust=-1&ChaAdjust=-1&PointGrant=25