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Dungeon PbEM

The web application allows you to easily manage the role playing campaign Play by Forum & Play by EMail, especially those ones using the famous Dungeon & Dragons, PathFinder and d20 game system.

These few screen shots show you how post from the player, maps, background music and all the tools behind the DM screen are collected in a set of very complete pages, granting all the players the opportunity too keep all the informations together.
The user registration and the the use of all of the web site features are definitively free, my objective is to create the largest playing community to grant the creation of game campaigns with player through the world wide.

See you soon!

Main preview
Post intentions In order to save time or not lose any post, any player can now ask the master to wait for his reply or continue, with just a click.
Both "Spell Points" & "Recharge Spells" Unearthed Arcana rules variants are now available on DungeonPbEM! The first one enable casters to access to a mana pool in place of specifically prepare spel... Spell Points & Recharge Spells
It Create your own original Dungeon & Dragons campaign and get your armies! The new "Armies" page allows you to record the base stats about armies, according to the old OD&D Companion set rules (green...
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