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Dungeon PbEM

This web site allows you to easily manage your role playing campaigns through the Play by Forum & Play by Email formats. It works especially well for campaigns based on Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and other d20 System games.

The screen shots below show you how posts from the players, maps, background music and all the tools at the Master disposal are collected in a set of very complete pages, so that your group can have all of its material kept together.

User registration and access to all the web site feature are free, since my objective is to create a large players community and let people from all over the world use it to create their campaigns.

See you soon!

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Languages Based on the languages a PC does or doesn't know, the same speech can appear comprehensible or not!
In order to save time or not lose any post, any player can now ask the master to wait for his reply or continue, with just a click. Post intentions
Spell Points & Recharge Spells Both "Spell Points" & "Recharge Spells" Unearthed Arcana rules variants are now available on DungeonPbEM! The first one enable casters to access to a mana pool in place of specifically prepare spel...
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