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Languages Based on the languages a PC does or doesn't know, the same speech can appear comprehensible or not!
In order to save time or not lose any post, any player can now ask the master to wait for his reply or continue, with just a click. Post intentions
Spell Points & Recharge Spells Both "Spell Points" & "Recharge Spells" Unearthed Arcana rules variants are now available on DungeonPbEM! The first one enable casters to access to a mana pool in place of specifically prepare spel...
Create your own original Dungeon & Dragons campaign and get your armies! The new "Armies" page allows you to record the base stats about armies, according to the old OD&D Companion set rules (green... It
Equipment features Every item in the character's equipment now shows its own stats! Alias name, masterwork properties and special material which is made of. The form automatically calculate how each stat, like BA, da...
You can now set a movement coefficient for each of your map. In the Master Screen you can eventually set those characters that due to their ability are unaffected by any hindrance. As you can see, ... Terrain movement coefficient
Special Abilities Let's take a closer look to the character Special Ability panel! You can set a check modifier, a positive condition effects on you or a negative effects condition for the opponents. In any case you...
Find out the new features available from the application to support the new D&D 5.0 rules book. All DMs and players of this edition are invited to contact us to point at additional features or upda... D&D 5.0 support
Level progression The level progression table will help you to easily keep track of the character improvement and get a checklist for feats and classes or prestige classes qualification.
You can now roll the Hit points of a character by selecting an hit dice for each character class and add automatically his constitution modifier. According to general method rules, the first dice i... Roll HP
Character classes You can now record the build for each character. Most of all, you can input HD, BAB & Saving Throws modifier as constant or as arithmetic expressions, so you can input just once for the whole chara...
Arrange any character abilities with the D&D 3.5 point buy system. Abilities arrangement
Player make their own dice rolls! The master can now enable any player to roll dices herself. In the Master Screen he set the checks rollable by players. Each PC owners then can go in the post page and easily roll it with a click. ...
Managing character's conditions is now easier, thanks to the new "automatic remove" feature:
- every Special Ability granting spell effects or similar (eg. Rage) is automatically removed when...
Character conditions automation
Spell effects area Two characters are close to the fireball explosion sphere, a third one instead is crossing a poisonous area. The new item properties enable the Master to design new items with an image or not, jus...
Take a look to the enriched spell panel & sheet! The new feature automatically calculate spell caster level and DC saving throw. Spell panel & sheet
Players can edit their PC Master can now enable players to edit their PC sheet, however they can set this option at any moment. A player with new character can fill all the stats before submit his PC to the campaign master.
Both Player and Master, can have a quick preview of their character(s) from any page, without having to browse other tabs. Character summary
Object description Master can now set if each object is expected to be placed on map (treasures, traps and so on) and or just shown in page campaign presentation page, to enrich the campaign flavour with new elements...
Both master and players can now drag & drop their placeholders on the map instead of manually input the row & column coordinates for each. An easy way to save time and avoid common mistakes while a... Drag&drop placeholders
Edit multiple post The new panel in the Chronicles page allow you to set place, date, weather, map and, most of all, the character recipients of more post at one time. Just set the new information, select individuall...
Inflict HP damages to more characters at a time, make them petrified unless they succeed at saving throw or make damage to their abilities. The new Master screen feature enables you to arrange savi... Area damage, ability damage or effects
Post draft The draft option enables to write a post in stages and just on the end to share it with other players.
Martial disciplines are now available in the online character sheets with a table to record any known manouver or stance. Martial Disciplines
Play frequency Search your play mates according to your play needs! Every registered user can now set his normal availability to play and write posts, in order to create groups with the same habits.
In the chat rooms and in the post page, every player can now set attacks and checks for his own character, set circumstance modifiers or feats he use. The master is so able to just press the final ... PC actions
Spells list The character sheets are further enriched by adding the "Spells" list. You can record a spells list for each caster class of every character, store main informations and keep track of the prepared ...
Over and above PbF and PbEM, DungeonPbEM is now "Play by Chat" also! Set as many rooms as you wish, with the characters you want, map and music background and immediately start to play in real time... Chat
Enable background In order to save bandwidth, disk space (...and your privacy from prying eyes), you can now disable background images to set a more anonymous layout to the website.
Read appraisals of other users before contact them to play with. Any player can rate its play mates to provide a feedback to them and to suggest or advice against them to other potential users. Rate you play mates
Player In the new player's campaigns panel, every user can see which one campaign has unread posts and setting from which ones receive post as e-mail.
The master can enable players with characters belonging to the same group to view a summary character sheet each others. Ally characters
Movement calculation Characters movement capacity can be reduced due to encumbrance, health condition or armor weared. In the "Campaign details" page you can now find the option to enable the tool to eventually reduce ...
In the "Characters" page, the Master can read all the character stats at once, however Character groups, name and other filters are still available. Character summary
Chronicles timeline In the Chronicles page you can find a way to get a whole campaign summary. Just select the timeline option and the page will show a row for every game day and place someone wrote at least a post yo...
The characters groups feature enables you to easily archive all PC or NPC characters to easily manage them and place them the into a map all at once. Characters groups
Image repository For every picture you need you can now browse the new image repository! Hundreds of images collected by all the DungeonPbEM players to enrich also your campaign.
From this moment, you can set your favourite d20 dice roll distribution for Initiative, Saving throws, Ability & Skill checks! Choose your favourite method to grant a new approach to your campaign. Dice roll distributions
HP Recovery The new Master dashboard contains a very useful panel to manage the characters' vitality recovery. Select one or more characters, input the amount and type of recover to apply to the characters and...
You can enable the application to automatically calculate the Initiative modifier, AC and Damage Reduction for each character according to his Dexterity modifier and armor he wears. Besides, during... Automatic stats calculation
Unearthed Arcana optional rules Vitality and Wound Points, Reserve Points & Armor as Damage Reduction systems are now fully supported. Any Master can easily manage combats with many heroes and villains while the website features ...
From now, every player can know the dice rolls has been rolled for his character during each combat round! However the Master can read them all at any time. Battles dice rolls in post
Not lethal damage You can easily manage real and not lethal damages for each weapon or wounded character.
From now you can browse the campaign's posts by date, content or characters involved. Besides this, you can read them in the normal chronological order or grouping them by thread! Browse posts
Search for party! The best players search engine for your new PbF & PbEM campaigns! Search friends by game system and language you're able to write. Or set your game preferences and just wait for the others come to ...
Customize the web site with any of your favourite picture. It will replace the common ones provided by the application at every login of the master or player! Campaign picture
Hit Point The DM and the PC owner can recnognize the hit point situation and position of the character at every moment due the tip text and the border color of his miniature.
The DM can specify the weather condition for each post. Weather
Music background The DM can set a background audio or music for each post, to grant an even more involving play experience, for himself and the players!
Initial illumination, torches, lowlight and dark vision can influence the perception of each character Illumination
Equipment You can set the equipment list for every charcter, to get the exact weight load, track materials usage e keep the updated list of tools at his disposal.
Now you can manage different kinds of low-light vision: normal, improved & superior Low-light vision
Object invisibility Regardless of light and darkness effects, now you can specifically set the visibility of any object from any character. This grants you the opportunity to manage invisibility spells or characters' ...
The new dashboard allows the DM to create and add multiple characters and objects to the map at a time, update positions, HP and initiative scores with a single click! Dungeon Master screen
Character weapons You can arrange as many weapons and attacks as you wish for every character, each one with its attack bonus, damage, critical hits and related notes.
The combat panel allows the Master to easily manage battles with a lot of combatants, rolling dices for attack, damage multipliers, avoid damage reduction, make critical hits and automatically upda... Combat!
Guest option Use the "Guest User" option to allow a friend to read all the post without having a character or be able to write one.
Although Alfheumus is an elf and he owns a lantern, he can nothing against the Darkness spell cast by Shaneera to obscure the area. Darkness spells
Click & draw Mark out a maze on a map is now further easier and quicker with the new "record on click" coordinates draw functionalities.
Go to profile page to set your favourite international settings and better enjoy all the map and character features. International settings