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Well... So you want to play a Role Playing Game campaign with Dungeon PbEM web application tool, very good choice kid!

Planning a campaign on this website is not different from planning a traditional one at the board game or even from a classic by e-mail.

The first thing you have to do is to gather friends (pheraps this could be the hardest part, but fortunately is the only difficult part, and after all you can find help on the discussion area at the official Facebook page!).

Once you decided who will be the Dungeon Master, he has to register and at the same time create the new campaign.
Then it's time for the PCs: each of you have to equally subscribe, choosing the "Playing character" option instead (input his name) and select the campaign your DM just created.

You're almost completed the planning: the last step for the DM is to change every charater status (he only can do it) from "Building" to "Active".

Now you're ready to post messages and your adventure begins!

Attention, please: every user can run as many campaigns as he wants, as Master or PC as well, so you're invited to not register yourself twice. Double accounts will be deleted.

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